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College Bound?

Make an informed decision...
a campus visit is a vital step in making the best choice!

  • Student led campus tours
  • Classroom visits
  • Admissions group sessions
  • Dormitory life
  • Discussions with professors
  • Interaction with students

Who Would Benefit?

If you are considering attending college, an exciting adventure lies ahead. But how do you know which colleges are right for you? How do you know about the admissions process? Where and when do you start?

College Campus Tours can help you and your parents with these important decisions. College Campus Tours provides an opportunity for students to become actively involved in obtaining first-hand, accurate information about a wide range of colleges.

Parents benefit from using College Campus Tours' expertise as they become involved with the complex admissions process. Parents are spared the time and expense required to accompany students on a tour themselves. The price of each tour is less than it would cost a parent and student to follow a comparable itinerary.

What Do The Tours Offer?

A comprehensive Orientation Workshop for students and parents is an integral part of the program and precedes each tour. The workshops are designed to prepare the students to make the most effective use of their campus visits.

Our tours include the social as well as the academic aspects of each campus. Students may stay in college dorms, have discussions with admissions officials, observe classes and visit with college students on each campus.

Reviews of the colleges are conducted daily by the accompanying educators.

When students return, they will have completed College Selection Workbooks weighing such factors as the academic opportunities, location, lifestyle and expense of each college. This becomes a personalized reference for follow up at the time of application.


Where And When Are The Tours Given?

Our West Coast tours take students to geographic regions where a variety of colleges and universities are located. We visit a balanced selection of colleges with varied curriculum, environments and admissions standards.

Our tours are usually taken during the academic year. College Campus Tours can tailor tours for individual or small group needs.

Choosing the right college is difficult. Your decision will involve a large investment of time and money. Nothing will probably influence your final decision more than visiting the campuses you are considering. With the assistance of College Campus Tours, you receive the necessary information to make a wise choice.

Stacy Arthur, Director

Stacy Arthur of Los Alamitos, California is the Director of College Campus Tours. She has completed UCLA college counseling courses in their certified program of college counseling. Stacy Arthur graduated from the University of Southern California with a B.S. and received a M.B.A. from Loyola Marymount. She also spent a year studying abroad in Europe as an exchange student. Stacy has been employed by 3M, Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing. Stacy also held prior positions as a National Sales Manager for Nac Visual Systems and was responsible for nationwide distribution and marketing. 

Margy Arthur, Founder

Margy Arthur (B.A. UCLA) of Lake Tahoe, California, holds a California Lifetime Teaching Credential and has taught all grade levels from primary to high school. She attended schools across the United States and Europe. Since founding College Campus Tours, the director has also completed the Certificated Program in College Counseling at UCLA.

Since 1984, College Campus Tours has been providing exciting opportunities for high school students to visit colleges across the United States. The director keeps up-to-date with college information by frequent visits to the campuses and contacts with college admissions officials.

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